New faucet rotator


Hello everyone!! In my efforts to improve the quality of my page and provide better service to my visitors I decided to create a faucet rotator that has two lists on the one hand we have faucetbox that we all know and we like, on the other hand we have epay that few know But that is just as good as faucetbox in conjunction we have a powerful tool to claim saoshis easily and with high hourly earnings.

I put all my efforts to have a rotator that is profitable for each user and that is why every week the faucets that are added are revised so that we do not have faucets inactive, off line or that have no funds, in the rotator we have A system of tikets to be able to report failures with which the visitors can help to improve and to maintain a good experience when using the rotator.


Any suggestions you have for improvement will be well received if you own a faucet and want to add or is in the list and you want to delete can contact


I leave you the lik

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