Hello everybody!!!


hi all, I start this blog as part of my faucet satoshiterminator.com, will publish here related to my faucet and the bitcoin world news.


To begin I will speak a little of me, from an early age I have been attracted by new technologies, I have studied electronic engineering And in my free time I always liked programming, I have had several blogs and web pages. Always related to electronics and internet.

I entered the world of bitcoin starting as coin collector, my curious spirit led me to want to know more and more and that’s how I decided to do my first faucet satoshiterminator.com, with its recently completed 4 months has not been easy task to get it forward, I have had to fight satoshis thieves, fight to get good quality advertising (since not all accept this type of pages), to maintain rewards as high as possible. But I will continue, I am not one of those who surrender easily and in the very near future my project is to open more faucets for you, I strongly believe that the criptomonedas will be the currency of exchange on the internet, the future is here and I want to be a pioneer in This exciting adventure together with all those who believe just like me that the future will be virtual.

Many thanks to all those who visit my faucet every day and help me to continue, I hope to grow with your company and increase the rewards.

For beginners who want to start with this cryptocurrency, any questions you have not hesitate to contact me.

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